UX & UI Research and Design / VUI
Project Overview
Machina is a voice enabled drive routing app for enthusiasts, professionals, and athletes.
My Contributions
This project was a co-design sprint with a motoring enthusiast user group to frame and solve a challenge in a short period. As the designer, my role was to mediate and direct the objectives and process.

Co-design | Voice Enabled | UX | VUI
Born out of a short co-design sprint with niche users, Machina fills the need for a hands-free solution to help a routing app be more than just a way to get from Point A to B.

The app caters to both solo or social drivers that travel on any number of wheels. User experience being the focus of the design sprint, the complimentary voice user interface (VUI) helps the routing app blend into usage rather than presenting itself as another distraction to the driver/rider.
Co-design sprint